WATCH: Yankee Stadium cat receives “MVP” chants while running on the field; the praying mantis clings with the Nats player

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It was certainly a rare pair of scenes during MlB games between the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals on Monday night. In fact, neither had anything to do with the games being played.

In the eighth inning of the Orioles / Yankees game, a cat made its way across the field in foul territory as play progressed. However, the game eventually had to be stopped as the cat ran into the outfield at Yankee Stadium.

Here are three minutes of glorious cat footage from the field. The light-footed feline even received the “MVP!” sings at one point:

Members of the Yankees ground crew came out to try and compete for the cat, but the cat put on the afterburners and passed the ground crew a few times. Eventually, the cat fled the field when a door into foul territory was opened.

Meanwhile, a praying mantis has made quite an appearance in Nationals Park. The praying mantis landed on the hat of national outfielder Victor Robles at the end of the round.

The praying mantis was on Robles’ hat when he was in the canoe. However, when Robles ran to the outfield for the start of the ninth inning, the praying mantis remained attached to Robles’ hat.

Robles didn’t seem to realize that the praying mantis was on his hat at first. Even after his teammates pointed it out to him, Robles was content to let the bug stay there.

The Phillies – who scored five points in a winning rally in the ninth round of the mantis hat – and the Orioles may have some new good luck charms.

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