This pet gear rivals my best home decor


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I became a little obsessed with a litter of barn kittens. A friend who lives a few towns further away recently had the great chance to discover a dozen precious and frolicking kittens who were born around her property. So whenever I’m in the area I walk around the yard and barn looking for the kittens – I really want to adopt a couple. After all, I’ve slowly amassed a collection of amazing cat gear that my own tabby cat will hopefully want to share. These feline-focused products really are so sweet that guests usually ask for them before anything else. They don’t care about my couch or my bentwood chairs, they just want to know if that cool thing in the corner is for my cat. A chic tower, a pretty little house… it’s a relief that this equipment is so beautiful.

Since I don’t want to rule out anyone who is allergic to cats or prefers dogs, I figured I would go into a pet equipment burrow that could pass for home decor, no matter what your persuasion. Plus, for anyone who doesn’t own pets, these items would make great gifts. Scroll on for ideas, or just for pictures of cats and dogs that look cute.

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