The Witcher 3: 10 Must-Do Side Quests When Visiting Velen


With the successful TV adaptation of Andrej Sapkowski’s film Witcher novels on Netflix and the promise of an exciting second season, there has been renewed interest around The witcher franchise, in particular with regard to CD Projekt Red Witcher 3: wild hunt. As six years have passed since the game’s initial release, this grand epic offers fans the golden opportunity to delve deeper into the rich world that is. The witcher.

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Despite its vast history and traditions, Wild hunt serves as a suitable place for newcomers to enter the universe. However, the colossal open worlds this title can boast of can be overwhelming, making many of its stellar side quests easily missed. After completing the tutorial and visiting Vizima, players are dropped off in the Velen region, a dreary swamp hiding some of the game’s most compelling stories.

ten Witcher Wannabe: Understanding the Law of Surprise

Scared Witcher Impostor at Graveyard

This quest only appears in Lindenvale after Geralt completes the Merry Widow contract. When Geralt returns, he finds the disgruntled village elder muttering about another witcher nearby. Speaking to the Aldorman reveals that the witcher had claimed his daughter’s unborn child as a reward for a contract he was fulfilling.

This quest is one of the many examples of the Witcher universe which presents the dubious law of surprise. Upon further investigation, Geralt discovers that the Witcher is an impostor who struggles to kill a ghoul. After facing the impostor, Geralt must choose whether or not to oust the man from the townspeople.

9 Defender of the Faith: Religion is a means of survival

Geralt kneeling in front of a vandalized Crone statue

As players progress through Velen, they begin to learn that local deities worship “the Crones”. As Aldorman Downwarren explains to Geralt, their offerings to these occult creatures are their means of survival in Velen. Although Geralt himself is skeptical of this approach to life, he nonetheless helps a roadside woman repair a vandalized sanctuary.

After that, the woman reveals that several of the shrines in the area have been desecrated. If Geralt chooses to repair the shrines, he will encounter students from the Academy of Oxenfurt vandalizing the last shrine. To complete the quest, Geralt must engage in a brawl with the young academics who have taken up arms against the Faith.

8 Funeral pyres: the hypocrisy of the Church of Eternal Fire

Thinking Eternal Fire Priest

Funeral pyres can be started near Mulbrydale, the first village Geralt is on in Velen. An Eternal Fire priest condescendingly asks Geralt to burn the dead on three battlefields, as they attract scavengers. If the witcher complies, he will find a man named Titus alive on the last battlefield.

A conversation with the man reveals that the priest is actually a fisstech client who ordered Titus to be killed in their last trade, and likely used the witcher to cover his tracks. A great introduction to the deep corruption sown in the Church of Eternal Fire, this quest also teases one of the main factions Geralt will encounter in Wild hunt.

7 You will not pass: secure the passage to Novigrad

Geralt talks to a Redanian soldier on a bridge

While not mandatory, this simple quest is usually required for Geralt to enter the second region of the game (if he doesn’t feel like swimming): Novigrad. However, to pass the Pontar, Geralt needs a pass; luckily there are three ways the witcher can get his hands on it.

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The main story progression in Velen will eventually produce one, as the Bloody Baron gives Geralt passage to Oxenfurt. However, if players don’t want to hang out in the swamps, they can either complete Guard Redanian’s Woodland Beast contract or Shady Merchant’s false papers quest to reach Novigrad faster.

6 A Mouse Tower: Explore the Curse of Fyke’s Island

Geralt talks to a specter

Perhaps one of Velen’s healthiest quests is a mouse tower. At Keira Metz’s behest, Geralt sets out to unravel a curse on the deserted island of Fyke. This quest, however, only unlocks if Geralt chooses to help Keira retrieve a Magic Lamp after searching for Ciri in the Mysterious Elf’s hideout.

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Geralt can then use the lamp to uncover the tragic story of the island’s past. This allows players to explore his subsequent conversation with Specter Anabelle in more detail. The quest not only shines with a poignant story that embodies the tragedy that defines the world of the witcher so well, but also opens the door to a few more crucial side quests.

5 Ancestors’ Eve: Discounts on The Pellar Purchases

Geralt and Pellar by a bonfire

Immediately after A Towerful of Mice, Geralt will be besieged by the Pellar of Blackbough, who enlists the help of the witcher in carrying out Ancestors’ Eve, a ritual that has long been respected by the people of Velen. Accepting Pellar’s request brings Geralt back to Fyke’s Island where he will be tasked with warding off the monsters during the ceremony.

Unfortunately, the ceremony will be interrupted by witch hunters from the Church of Eternal Fire, forcing Geralt to choose between siding with the hunters or the Pellar. Helping the latter, Geralt will receive a nice discount at the Pellar store at the end of the quest, which is especially useful because of the precious diagrams, runestones and glyphs he sells.

4 Where the cat and the wolf play: you are not the only witcher

Gaétan wounded sitting down

Inexperienced players should wait before attempting this quest, as the enemies are much higher levels than the rest of Velen (since this is DLC). What initially was a typical contract takes a dark turn when Geralt stumbles upon a massacre in the village of Honorton.

Upon discovering a scared girl, Geralt learns that the murder was the work of a witcher and pursues Gaetan from the cat school. After a terse exchange, Geralt can choose whether or not to fight the witcher. Fortunately, regardless of Geralt’s choice, Gaetan will carry or reveal the location of his Teigr steel sword, a unique and cool item that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

3 Ghosts of the Past: A Callback to the Assassins Of Kings

Letho standing at the entrance to the hut

Perhaps the most difficult quest to “find” in Velen, this quest requires players to fake or import a save from The Witcher 2 where the witcher Letho survives the events of Kings assassins. If he survives, Geralt will encounter a trapped Reardon on his first visit to the mansion.

Geralt will search for the Viper in the mansion attic, where he will reveal to the Wolf that Nilfgaard has decided he must be eliminated. As Geralt escorts his witcher companion, events will quickly culminate with Letho faking his own death, which will then open up for him the possibility of becoming a potential ally for a future battle if Geralt invites him to Kaer Morhen.

2 For the advancement of learning: a friend or an enemy?

Geralt and Keira coming out of the cave

This is the final quest in the side mission series for Keira Metz, and shows how dramatic player choices can be in affecting the outcome of events later in. Wild hunt. Beginning immediately after A Favor for a Friend, Geralt wakes up after shaking Keira’s sleeping spell and notices a light in the tower on Fyke’s Island.

The approach to the tower triggers a cutscene that ultimately yields three potential outcomes: killing Keira, letting her negotiate with Radovid, or convincing her to leave for Kaer Morhen. While killing her grants the maximum experience possible for the quest, Geralt can also find another future ally in her (like Letho) if he convinces her to surrender to Kaer Morhen instead.

1 Back to Crookback Bog: Closure for the Bloody Baron

Geralt meets Bloody Baron in a garden

One of the most prolific quest arcs in Wild hunt is the story of Phillip Strenger, the Bloody Baron. The latest quest in its history, however, is only an optional option, but it’s also emotional. After discovering that his wife is being held hostage by the Crones in Crookback Bog, the Baron takes his men to storm the orphanage.

If Geralt chooses to join them in Downwarren, they will fight multiple waves of monsters alongside Tamara Strenger and witch hunters before reuniting with his wife, Anna. The deep element of this quest is that its outcome is determined long before players begin it, illustrating the multi-layered narrative that makes The Witcher 3 so iconic.

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