The American Pet Products Association (APPA) publishes a generational report

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) – the leading trade association serving the interests of the pet products industry since 1958 – has published Volume 4 of his Generational report. The report examines how millennials, the largest segment of pet owners at 32%, differ from previous generations of pet owners and takes an in-depth look at new pet owners from Generation Z.

“Data from our latest Generational Report tells the story of generational differences in pet ownership attitudes and behaviors: on the one hand, younger pet owners, Gen Z and Millennials , and on the other, Generation X and Baby Boomers,” mentioned APPA Senior Vice President of Member Relations & Business Development Anne Ferrante. “While there is no doubt that all generations of pet owners love their pets and agree that pets play an important role in their lives, their attitudes and behaviors reflect the different ways in which they demonstrate this love for their pets.”

The report’s key findings for pet owners of the two youngest generations – Millennials and Gen Z – include:

  • The two younger generations are more likely to have gotten a new pet during COVID-19 and to say they have spent more on their pet in the past year.
  • Online shopping is increasing from generation to generation, but again Gen Z and Millennials have the highest percentages of online shopping across all categories.
  • Pet owners of the youngest two generations are more likely to purchase pet care items online through a subscription than their older counterparts.
  • These two generations tend to be more willing to try a wider variety of pet products, including different types of food, treats, and toys.

Key findings on Gen X and Baby Boomers include:

  • Generation X and Baby Boomers are more likely to retain the animal care attitudes and behaviors they have had for years.
  • Pet owners of these two generations are more likely to recognize the social and emotional benefits of pet ownership.
  • Despite the upheaval of the pandemic, the spending levels of Gen Xers and baby boomers remain constant and they continue to spend more, on average, on large pet care items such as food and veterinary care. than their younger counterparts.

“It will be increasingly important to monitor these trends as Gen Z’s share of pet ownership continues to grow,” added Ferrante. “Awareness of generation-specific attitudes and behaviors can help improve understanding for all pet owners and ensure that pet product offerings meet the needs of today’s consumers.”

The report also covers specific generational trends in areas such as pet adoption, pet ownership by generation, the influence of the economy on pet spending, how pet owners learn about new pet products and online shopping, plus an in-depth look at generational differences between dog and cat owners.

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Marie R. McCraw