Recognition for the Salisbury cat who can sense when a seizure is about to occur


A Shrewton cat who can sense when his owner is about to have a seizure has been named a finalist for a National Charity Award.

Penelope the cat, who lives on the outskirts of Salisbury, has been shortlisted for the 2021 Cats Protection National Cat Awards.

She broke hundreds of entries to become one of the top three contenders for the Most Caring Cats category.

The eight-year-old moggy was chosen because she sounds the alarm bells when owner Zoe Elliott, 28, is about to have a seizure.

Zoe suffers from a number of complex medical conditions, including craniocervical instability and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

The conditions mean that Zoe has needed surgery to help hold her head up, is prone to broken or dislocated bones, and is having seizures without warning.

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Zoe said: “My seizures often happen at night when I’m in bed and can leave me with injuries, but Penelope sleeps with me, and when a seizure is about to start, she runs and gets my mom’s attention. so she can come and help me.

“She’s not really a voice chat at any other time, the only time she meows is to get my mom’s attention.”

Zoe adds that after a seizure, when she feels weak and traumatized, Penelope goes to sit with her while she recovers.

Cats Protection Awards Organizer Kate Bunting said, “Penelope not only helps by sounding the alarm so Zoe can get the help she needs during a crisis, but she also stays with her as a heartwarming presence. while she recovers.

“Penelope and Zoe clearly have a close bond and we hope their story helps more people understand how amazing cats can be.”

The winners of the four contest categories will be announced online on August 5.

A panel of celebrities will then decide which cat will win the title of National Cat of the Year on August 12.

Each category winner will receive a trophy, a £ 100 pet store voucher, a one-year subscription to The Cat magazine from Cats Protection and a three-month supply of Purina cat food.

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