Rare tiger shot dead after mutilating lumberjack while “going to toilet” in remote forest – World News


The beast killed Mikhail Shabaldin, 41, and dragged him into the forest. Rangers found the three-year-old fat cat guarding mutilated human prey in Russia’s Khabarovsk region

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Colleague of tiger attack victim appears to be recovering his guts and clothes

A rare tigress who attacked a lumberjack at night on his way to the toilet has been shot dead in Russia, after being found standing over the body.

The beast killed Mikhail Shabaldin, 41, and dragged him into the forest.

Forest rangers found the three-year-old big cat guarding its mutilated human prey in the remote Khabarovsk region.

Nikolai Svishch, a senior official from Nanaisky District, said: “The predator dragged the man’s body into the forest.

“The beast was found next to the remains. The tiger must have been liquidated.

Alleged victim Mikhail Shabaldin, 41 (left) with his wife Elena Shabaldina (right)


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Experts confirmed the man was attacked by an endangered female Amur or Siberian tiger, the world’s largest cats endemic to the far east of Russia.

The married logger worked at a remote logging facility and had left his home overnight to use the toilet, it is believed.

The tigress leaped some 40 feet from the lumberjack dormitory.

The scene near the man’s home filmed by one of the victim’s co-workers



Tiger specialists fear that the big cat has already been attacked by poachers, which led to the attack on a human.

Sergey Aramilev, director of the Amur Tiger Center, said: “It is clear that the man was attacked by a tigress, presumably three years old.

“What caused the predator to pounce on a human will become clear upon examination.”

Normally, wild tigers avoid contact with humans.

In winter, a hunter was killed by a tiger who had been shot and wounded.

“Such predators are extremely dangerous to humans,” he said.

“People who shoot a tiger in the taiga should think that they can cause an attack from one beast to another person.”

Normally, wild tigers avoid contact with humans. Mikhail photographed on site


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In the latter case, a video shows the victim’s shocked colleague filming how his bowels, bloody clothes, shoes and toilet paper are seen around a rough track, according to reports.

Tiger tracks were visible at the site, and colleagues say it was a tiger rather than a brown bear that overpowered the man.

One resident said the loggers were “afraid” of the tigers that roamed the area.

The gruesome scene near the dormitory where Mikhail was attacked



“Tigers are common there,” said one. “Everyone knows.”

In Russia, wild animals that attack or kill humans are regularly destroyed for fear of recurrence.

The attack took place about 80 kilometers from the village of Mayak in the remote Khabarovsk region.

The Amur tiger lives in eastern Russia, China and North Korea.

Fewer than 700 live in the wild, although the numbers are recovering, with Russia and China taking action to stop poaching.

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