Pet adoption fees waived for 100 days to honor Betty White

Actress Betty White’s legacy will continue to serve animals in need with 100 days of adoption fees waived in her honor at the Hillsborough County Pet Shelter beginning February 1.

Actress Betty White’s legacy will continue to serve animals in need for nearly 100 days at the Hillsborough County Pet Shelter.

When White died shortly before her 100th birthday, the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center waived adoption fees for 100 dogs and cats in honor of the actress, who had dedicated a large part of his life helping animals. The move has been so successful in finding permanent homes for dogs and cats that the shelter will waive adoption fees for all dogs and cats for 100 days, beginning February 1.

Fees will be waived until Wednesday, May 11. Dogs and cats at the shelter are microchipped, vaccinated, registered and neutered or sterilized.

The Pet Resource Center, located at 440 N. Falkenburg in Tampa, is the only open-admission shelter in Hillsborough County, meaning it accepts dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, or conditions. health. Adoption hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

The center also offers returns for strays and owner abandonments, a pet placement program, pet registration, a spaying and spaying voucher program for income-eligible residents, help for lost animals and disaster preparedness information for animal protection and shelter.

Volunteer opportunities are also available at the center with help needed on a regular basis and as one-time group volunteers. Responsible volunteers are used to provide additional enrichment and care for the animals and to help run the shelter. Volunteers are accepted from the age of 18 and some limited Bright Futures shifts are available for students 16 and older.

Volunteer applications are available online and more information can be found by emailing [email protected]

Visit the center or search online at to see hundreds of adoptable animals. The site features hundreds of animals ready for adoption along with information about the animal and where it was found.

Marie R. McCraw