India Pet Care Industry Growth Analysis and Opportunities 2021-2025 – Mars International continues to remain the market leader, followed by Royal Canin –

DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – India Pet Care Market Size, Share and Analysis by Category (Dog Food, Cat Food, Pet Health Care, Pet Food Supplements and others ), by type of pet food (dry food, wet food, pet treats) “Opportunities, 2021-2025” report has been added to offer.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the Indian economy, with the country recording negative GDP growth of over 7% for 2020. Asia’s 3rd largest economy has historically experienced high average GDP growth; However, national lockdowns caused by the pandemic have caused the Indian economy to contract.

However, the country could experience marginal growth in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2020. The pandemic has been a challenge for many industries in 2020, however, pet food manufacturers have seen positive growth as with the lockdowns national and lack of social interaction, people preferred to adopt dogs and the increase in the number of pet owners is expected to help pet food manufacturers increase sales volume in 2021 and following years.

India Pet Care shows strong growth

The pet care industry continues to experience double-digit growth in value due to the increase in the number of pet owners and the humanization of pets. The domestic pet care industry, driven by strong sales of dog food, grew with a value CAGR of over 19% during the period 2013-2020. With nationwide lockdowns enforced in March 2020 and work from home continued, Indian pet owners spent more time with their pets and fed more quality pet food. superior, especially dog ​​and cat treats, helping the entire pet care industry experience strong growth. The dog food category has the highest value share, while other pet products such as pet toys, pet accessories, etc.

Ownership of dogs and other pets in India has increased dramatically over the past decade due to the growing number of nuclear families and smaller households thus greatly helping the pet care market. With increased awareness, a portion of Indian pet parents are purchasing premium dog food to ensure the health and well-being of their dogs as more and more of these consumers believe that feeding their dogs dogs with top quality food will help their dogs live longer.

Pet food manufacturers offer pet foods that focus on longevity and with increased health benefits like dog food with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin, glucosamine for healthy joints and vitamins and minerals for complete dog nutrition. In addition, the high growth potential of pet care has attracted more investment and many pet startups like Dogspot, Heads Up for Tails, Nimble Wireless have sprung up over the years. The country’s strong and growing dog population of around 19 million, coupled with the continued premiumization of pet food, will bring India’s pet care industry to $ 800 million by 2025.

New product launches

India continues to witness more launches, especially in the dog food category. In 2020-2021, over 15 new products were launched in the dog and cat food category, with dog food accounting for over 75% of these launches. In 2020, market leader Mars launched Sasami and Vegetables Gourmet dog food under the Cesar brand in India. Other players also continued to launch new products in the country.

Competitive landscape

Mars International continues to remain the market leader, followed by Royal Canin, as both are well established as pet care companies, enjoying high brand awareness and credibility with Indian parents. pets. March, Royal Canin and Indian Broiler Group, the top three players continue to dominate the Indian pet food market.

The pandemic is helping online retailers

The distribution of pet care in India is dominated by pet stores; However, online retailers have seen tremendous growth, especially in the first half of 2020, as India has been stuck since March 2020 and pet owners have chosen to buy pet food and pet food. ‘other pet products from online retailers. With the fear of Covid-19, Indian parents of pets stayed away from large in-store retailers and instead chose online retailers followed by local pet stores. Additionally, according to our internal survey in India, 47% of online shoppers said they will also continue to purchase their pet food from online retailers in the post-pandemic period.

The report details the following aspects of the pet care market:

  • Global Pet Care Market Outlook

  • Company market share

  • India Pet Care Market Size and Share by Value and Volume

    • Company market share

    • Market size and share in value and volume

  • Market Segmentation Analysis – By Category (Dog Food, Cat Food, Other Pet Food, Pet Health Care, Pet Food Supplements, and Other Pet Products)

    • Market Segmentation Analysis – By Segment (Dry Dog Food, Wet Dog Food, Dog Treats, Dry Cat Food, Wet Cat Food, Cat Treats)

  • India Pet Care Market Dynamics (Drivers & Challenges)

  • India Pet Care Market Trends and Developments

  • Competitive Landscape of Pet Care in India

    • Cuddly diet products

    • Glenands Group

    • GOA Medicos

    • Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.

    • Group of Indian broilers

    • March International

    • Royal Canin

    • Sai International

    • Scientific remedies

    • Venky’s India

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