Howard Stern’s Wife Celebrates Cat Adoption With INSANE Bikini Photo!


Howard Stern’s wife celebrates adopting one of the family’s rescue animals, Sparrow, and has included a stunning bikini photo to remind fans to read her entire blog on the brutal kitten rescue .

Beth Stern dropped the jaw-dropping hotshot on Instagram to promote a new blog post in August, where she tells the heartbreaking story of a litter of kittens who were abandoned and abused by a breeder to earn money. money. In the sexy pic, Ms Stern stands outside the famous couple’s front door in a tiny black bikini, while flaunting her PERFECT physique.

Of course, Beth knows what she’s doing – and it worked. You must hear the story of the poor little “Sparrow”. Don’t worry, we’ll include Beth’s hottest pics along the way!

Howard Stern’s wife: the sexiest person in the world ?!


According to Stern, Sparrow – who is a cat – was rescued from a brutal breeding situation where she and six other purebred cats were found in a small cage with “powerful heat lamps hitting them for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. . “Apparently the woman who raised them was forced to go to the hospital and the kittens were left in the cage without water or food for NINE days. Unfortunately, one of the male cats died after the prolonged exposure. and dehydration. “I saw it on the video the rescuer sent me, and it just broke my heart,” Beth added.

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She continued: “Each has suffered serious permanent damage from this deplorable abuse, including loss of vision, partial or total, including Sparrow (below), who is blind and deaf because of what she endured. She needed a lot of extra support so she stayed with us longer than the others as we worked to bring her out of her shell and bring her back to life.

Howard Stern's Wife Crashes in a Tiny Bikini to Celebrate Rescue Cat Adoption!

The king of all media himself has named the lucky white cat – Sparrow – who she says is a “rare gem, with gorgeous eyes, one green and one blue”.

According to Beth, the videos and photos of the rescue continue to give her nightmares and say that “sometimes when I sit with her I find myself in a very dark place and I can’t stop crying.” She continued, “But still, all this pain from human abuse. It makes me sick. And what really haunts me is that Sparrow and his companions were normal, healthy cats before they fell into the hands of this despicable abuser. And why did this happen? For profit! “

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Howard Stern's Wife Crashes in a Tiny Bikini to Celebrate Rescue Cat Adoption!

After the rescue, Beth says she is “very grateful” to the people who saved these wonderful cats and the members of the North Shore Animal League who fight every day to save animals from this type of situation. Beth reminds her fans that the job isn’t done until every animal is adopted by a big family.

Well guess what? Sparrow had his big day TODAY – where they achieved the “glorious goal” of adopting him into a family.

“It was his time to fly!” She was ready… maybe more ready than me… and yet it was a pleasure to send her into her bright future, ”concluded Beth.

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