Hester Biosciences will foray into the pet care segment from April

Hester Biosciences announced on Tuesday that it will make a foray into the rapidly growing pet care segment starting next month.

With a growth rate of 14% this year, India has the fastest growing pet care market in the world, which presents exciting and valuable opportunities for the poultry vaccine maker, said the Ahmedabad-based company in a statement.

The expansion aligns perfectly with the company’s core beliefs and vision to deliver better health to humans through healthy animals, he added.

The company’s initial pet care portfolio will include products ranging from dermatology, grooming, anti-infectives and specialty products and the full portfolio will target both veterinarians and pet parents with offerings that meet the changing needs of pets, he said.

”The goal is to create and innovate products adapted to pets and their needs. Hester plans to eventually expand through biologics and companion animal diagnostics,” the company noted.

He further stated that the pet care industry may have started decades ago as a neglected afterthought but has rapidly evolved into an empathetic and emotional industry as people in India realize how care and compassion for pets can create positive change in their own lives and mental health.

“With this thought at the forefront, Hester’s pet care project is tentatively set to hit the ground running in April 2022,” he noted.

Hester Biosciences is a leading animal health company engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of vaccines and other products.

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Marie R. McCraw