Grove Collaborative Adds Pet Care Products

Grove Collaborative has expanded into pet care with a new brand called Good Fur. The new line of cruelty-free pet grooming products features shampoos, conditioners, accessories and more, bringing its lasting innovation to the furry family of consumers. All products are free of parabens, sulfates (SLS), triclosan, synthetic dyes and formaldehyde, and instead contain mild and effective ingredients such as organic oatmeal, jojoba, aloe vera , active vegetable oil and 100% natural Perfumes .

Benefit-focused formulas are made with organic ingredients and address the most common pet grooming concerns, while remaining free from single-use plastic. Good Fur’s products are made with endlessly recyclable aluminum bottles that come with durable, reusable pumps and support the company’s mission to go beyond plastic and become 100% plastic-free. ‘by 2025, according to the company, which announced earlier this week that it will go in public.

“Good Fur was inspired by members of our team who have struggled to find sustainable pet care products that meet our Grove standards,” said Stuart Landesberg, co-founder and CEO of Grove Collaborative. “Through these shared experiences, it became clear that there was a huge opportunity for an effective and sustainably packaged pet grooming brand with human grade ingredient standards. As a dog owner myself, I am particularly excited about the launch of Good Fur and the impact it will have on the continued evolution of the consumer products industry beyond plastic.

“The launch of Good Fur is an important step in our journey to create brands that are a positive force for good and that support our initiative to become plastic-free by 2025,” said Luana Bumachar, vice president of brands own and innovation at Grove Collaborative. “With consumers placing more emphasis on clean ingredients and sustainability than ever before, there was an unmet need in the companion animal category that we are addressing with the launch of Good Fur. The brand name epitomizes what Good Fur stands for: high quality products that are good “fur” for your pet and good “fur” for the planet.

Good Fur is available for purchase exclusively on’s Good Fur page.

Marie R. McCraw