Greatest Pet Care doubles its turnover

Greatest Pet Care – the leading manufacturer and marketer of pet food offering 10 major brands such as Pluto, Silver, Great Titan, Lincoln and Winstar – announced its successful performance in 2021. The company was able to generate over 540 million bahts of revenue, an increase of 166%. He attributed people’s new lifestyle to his runaway success. This year, the company is developing an integrated business plan to enter e-commerce, linking offline and online distribution channels. It also aims to create shared experiences with its customers, while anticipating the new “Pet Parent” trend. The company also aims to generate 1.2 billion baht from the 30 billion baht pet market.

Thanapisal Koohapremkit, the president of Greatest Pet Care Advisors, said that “the company manufactures pet food, using modern technology and machinery. Our high quality products are manufactured in accordance with AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. Our factories, which also manufacture products for other companies and OEMs, have the capacity to manufacture 3,000 metric tons of pet food per month. The company also has a research and development division that can offer customers recommendations on pet food recipes. The company has a wide range of products to choose from that are guaranteed to meet the needs of specific groups of customers. Greatest Pet Care is like a massive kitchen that has all the ingredients and experienced employees who are ready to prepare quality “Product of Thailand” meals for your pets.

“Over the past two years, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Greatest Pet Care has adjusted its marketing and sales strategies to deliver our products directly to customers through e-commerce and online sales platforms. We have also exported our goods to the CLMV cluster. All of these have contributed to our revenue increasing by 166% to 540 million baht in sales in 2021. This year, the company has a policy of developing more products and distributing them to our customers nationwide.

Additionally, Greatest Pet Care also aims to expand our reach to more international markets. In addition to the CLMV cluster mentioned above, our eyes are on Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and France. According to recent data, there were 13 million new pets in 2021, which is favorable for the Thai export market as the Kingdom is the 4th largest pet food exporter.

“Greatest Pet Care also recognizes that Thai pet food manufacturers are in an advantageous position compared to their overseas peers. This is due to Thailand’s abundance of resources in the agriculture and fisheries sectors, putting a number of ingredients such as flour, grains, seafood, etc. available to local manufacturers. These rich resources also make our pet food more premium. Thailand also has Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with many trading partners, which makes our Thai agreements more attractive. Pet food now accounts for 47% of all Thai exports. Greatest Pet Care has five main product groups as follows:

1. Premium Group: these are dry foods intended for the high-end market. These include Great Title and Lincoln.

2. Standard group: these are dry and moist foods intended for the intermediate market. These include Pluto and Silver.

3. Economic Group: These are dry and wet foods for local markets, offering more affordable products. These include Cherman, Dogger and Ole.

4. & 5. Treat & Snack Groups: These include Starry Greatitan Snack and Cherman Cat Snacks. These products are for pet lovers who treat their pets like family.

There are over 10 best pet care products on the market. The company is also developing exciting new products that will soon be launched in Thailand.

“This year, Greatest Pet Care plans to elevate the organization in terms of research and development, fueling the market with intriguing products. It will also focus on improving production quality, developing human resources and personnel support.In addition, the company will increase more distribution channels by establishing more pet shops, supplying products to modern commercial retailers, such as Top Supermarket, Big C, Lotus, Makro and CJ Express, to name a few.Other areas of focus for the company are forging alliances in anticipation of future growth, expanding the pet food business and growing competitiveness in the pet food market Greatest Pet Care aims to increase its market share by 2% to 3% within three years.

“The new normal lifestyle is playing an important role in accelerating the growth of the pet food market amid the global pandemic. It should also be noted that the size of the family in general is decreasing, as new generations like to be single, while more and more newly married couples do not want children. Additionally, pets have become an integral part of the aging society. Additionally, pet lovers have become pet parents, giving pets love and care and treating them like family. They are ready to spend more to improve the quality of life of their animals. These factors contribute greatly to the growth of the pet industry, which consists of 45% pet food companies, 32% healthcare companies – such as hospitals and veterinary clinics – and 23% other businesses such as pet clothing and toys. The entire industry is now worth at least 30 billion baht with room for growth in the future.

“To recap, there are five key factors that are contributing greatly to the growth of the pet industry:

1. Pet Humanization: The evolution of pet lovers into pet parents who treat pets like family.

2. Friendly Pet Community: The growth of related service businesses such as pet hotels, pet cafes, as well as pet clothing and pet toy industries.

3. Enhanced pet healthcare segment: The notable expansion of the pet healthcare business. Over the past five years, the number of veterinary hospitals has increased by 3,000. Of these, 80% are small-sized clinics, 15% are medium-sized clinics that offer surgical operations, and 5% are hospital-grade facilities.

4. Dual Income, No Kids (DINK), referring to small, childless families, including LGBTQ couples whose numbers are on the rise.

5. Aging population: people approaching retirement age, especially single people who seek animal companionship.

As these five factors have growth potential, pet related goods and services are also expected to grow continuously over the next decade at the growth rate of 10% per year. The figure is unaffected by potential economic downturns, political upheavals, or even pandemics, as pet owners are willing to spend on these goods and services to improve the quality of life for their pets. In short, the pet sector seems to have a bright future ahead of it.

“Therefore, Greatest Pet Care will focus on building its premium brands through an emotional strategy, delivering new shared experiences with its customers and partners while integrating e-commerce business models, connecting out-of-home distribution channels online and online. The company will also use digital LED billboards at BTS and MRT stations and other strategic locations to attract road and toll commuters.

“In terms of management visions, Greatest Pet Care is committed to becoming a leading pet food manufacturer and distributor in Southeast Asia. The company strictly adheres to ISO 9001 2015, HACCP, GMP and SUCI HALAL standards. These practices are environmentally friendly. Greatest Pet Care offers quality services at reasonable prices. He also has a CSR focused on helping society and animals in need, such as donating food to animal shelters. Those interested can discover the many activities of the company on Thanapisal.

Marie R. McCraw