“Good News:” Local Animal Shelter Responds To New Illinois Law


MURPHYSBORO (WSIL) – A moment that animal shelters and guardians have been waiting for a long time finally happened last Friday. Illinois takes a step towards ending puppy mills.

Governor JB Pritzker on Friday signed a new bill that will help puppy mills become a thing of the past.

“A puppy mill is primarily an unlicensed facility and only breeds dogs. There are also cat versions and they breed for profit, ”says Kay Creese, executive director and veterinarian of St. Francis CARE animal shelter.

House Bill 1711 prohibits the sale of puppy mill puppies in pet stores. “They are often hard to find because they are unlicensed entities. Their source of income has always been selling to pet stores and so this bill cuts that supply line,” adds Creese.

Illinois is now the fifth state in the United States to ban puppy mills, which its supporters say is a step towards animal welfare. “We have all seen the photos of the horrible conditions these dogs are kept in. They are never allowed on the grass. They are on wires so their stools fall out so they don’t have to be cleaned. need to groom aren’t usually groomed and they’re so matted. Then often when they’re done breeding, they drop them, ”says Creese.

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Creese says abused animals often end up in shelters. “We get them and I think everyone does or has over time and they usually don’t get socialized. I mean you put them on concrete and they don’t know how to walk on them, the grass is just terrifying. They need a lot of cleaning work before they can even get basic medical care for them. “

Creese says she is relieved that the bill has been signed and that it is a big step in the right direction. “This is good news because it really ends a whole segment of abuse.”

Pet stores will be able to sell cats and dogs from animal control and rescues. The law comes into force on February 24, 2022.

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