Funding goes to pet care startups in Korea’s booming pet industry

[Source: PetpeoTalk]

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the use of big data are rapidly catching up in South Korea, where the pet market is growing rapidly.

Funding has flowed into pet care startups building on high-tech solutions. The Invention Lab has established the Pet Care Initial Startup Fund with a goal of raising 2.4 billion won ($2 million). He invests in three local startups, PetpeoTalk, Rhinobox and Cloud Paper.

PetpeoTalk runs an app called “Doggy View” which records CCTV recordings to study their expressions, separation anxiety, and illnesses.

The AI-enabled monitor studies whether a home alone pet experiences separation anxiety through the frequency of specific actions, such as howling, in real time. The company plans to upgrade its artificial intelligence technology to detect illnesses early and read gestures, including soothing cues.

[Source: Rhinobox]

[Source: Rhinobox]

Rhinobox provides a comprehensive pet nutrition review and personalized feeding advice through the Salad Pet app created by veterinary experts. Its complete nutritional assessment is a service that checks the animal’s height and weight, type of diet, living environment through a user survey. Based on the survey result, it gives advice on lifestyle and diet.

Cloud Paper is developing an app, “Pobls”, an e-commerce platform for pet care products. The magazine-style app allows pet owners to post photos and purchase pet products. It aims to unearth various domestic and foreign pet brands to introduce consumers.

By Chung Ji-sung and Jenny Lee

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