B Magazine: Busch Pet Products brings LaCroix Village to life (05/09/22)

Monday, May 9, 2022 ~ Updated 11:02 PM

LaCroix Village, half a block of small French-style buildings, is the new home of Busch Pet Products. Next to their sister business, Deer Creek Doggie Day Camp, their new space has added over 2,500 square feet, which means over 4,400 square feet for more dog wash bins, expanded dog and cat departments and a room for special events, seminars and birthday parties.

Stacy Busch-Heisserer and her husband Chris, owners of Busch Pet Products, Deer Creek Doggie Day Camp and Busch’s Kennel, have purchased the entire strip of stores that make up LaCroix Village and are not only expanding their business, but looking to lease the other stores to amazing local businesses.

“It took a while after I bought the building and gutted half of it for the store,” Busch-Heisserer said, “but it was worth the wait. We have plenty of new stuff planned now that we have the room. and the staff. It will be nothing you have ever seen in the world of pets here!”

Busch Pet Products staff also took courses to learn new knowledge about the best food for dogs and cats. Manager Olivia Crain has earned Pet Nutrition Specialist and Raw Dog Food Specialist certifications from Dogs Naturally Magazine and staff member Haylee Hinton has also earned Pet Nutrition Specialist certifications from Dogs Naturally. Continuous training is a must for Busch employees.

“I started Busch Pet Products in a 700 square foot store in 2010 and had absolutely no idea where this journey would take me,” Busch-Heisserer said. “Once nutrition became a recurring theme in the store, I knew I had found my passion.”

With so much new space, Busch Pet Products now hosts birthday parties and paw painting events. Look for their upcoming pet food and care seminars.

“I think I’m most proud of what we do to help customers with the health of their pets,” Busch-Heisserer said, “because it’s our responsibility to help our pets live long and healthy.”

Marie R. McCraw