Another State Bans Raw Milk Pet Products – The Truth About Pet Food

Much like what we have seen in other states over the past few years, Massachusetts has banned the sale of raw milk pet products in pet stores. After years of allowing these products to be sold in pet stores, after years of pet owners buying these products and their pets depending on these products… The Massachusetts Department of Agriculture has suddenly decided to apply the Food Act to this type of pet product. The Massachusetts Department of Agriculture has banned the sale of raw milk pet products in pet stores.

After an animal owner informed us of this issue, an email was sent to: Michael Cahill, Director, Animal Health Division, MA Department of Agricultural Resources. Mr. Cahill explained:

The Ministry’s regulations on the sale of unpasteurized milk do not distinguish between milk sold for human consumption or animal consumption.
Massachusetts pet owners can still purchase raw milk to feed their pets, but its retail sale is not permitted. Unpasteurized milk must be purchased directly from the farm where it is produced

But… Mr. Cahill’s statement is not completely true. Although the Massachusetts state dairy laws (intended for human consumption products) do not specifically mention pet products, the state laws specifically adopt the AAFCO regulations. “The definition of terms used in 330 CMR 13.00 shall be the same as those adopted by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (“AAFCO”), as amended, unless otherwise specified..”

And the AAFCO’s written regulations – specifically include a label term for raw milk pet products.

In other words, if Massachusetts accepts the AAFCO terms, definitions, labeling requirements, nutritional standards, etc. – as their law stipulates – then Massachusetts should allow the sale of raw milk pet products in pet stores.

Massachusetts picks and chooses how it enforces the law, distinguishing one pet product and regulating it differently. This is a similar effort we’ve seen before against raw milk pet products in New Jersey and Hawaii.

What’s so absurd about these efforts by some states is that they selectively choose a health-promoting pet product and apply the human food law ONLY to that pet product – while allowing other pet products to be regulated as commercial foods. And while allowing pet food products to use illegal ingredients from condemned animal materials without disclosure to the consumer. These states should not be allowed to “have it both ways” – regulating nearly all pet products as pet food while singling out one product and regulating it as food. If they are still allowed to selectively enforce food or feed law at their discretion, which pet product will be next to be removed from the pet shops list?

To express your concern to the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture – whether you are a resident or not – please email Michael Cahill, [email protected]

To note: Raw milk pet products in Massachusetts aren’t allowed in pet stores, but Cahill told us that Massachusetts pet owners can purchase raw milk from any of the 25 farms in the state. State that produce raw milk. He said pet owners can email him for a list. of these 25 farms.

I wish you and your pet the best –

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Truth in Pet Food Association

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