American Pet Products Association Announces Innovative Outdoor and Summer Products for Pet Owners

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) gives pet parents some tips on the best outdoor and summer products to buy during the summer season. According to APPA National Pet Owner Survey 2021-2022, spending on pets has increased over the past year, with 35% of pet owners reporting spending more on their pets / pet supplies – including food, welfare-related products and other pet care items – in the past 12 months than in the previous year.

“Whether you are spending the summer traveling, enjoying the outdoors or just relaxing at home, this is the perfect time to keep pets the top of your life,” said Steve King, President and CEO of APPA. “From treats to clothes, toys and more, these products will help ensure your pets are happy, healthy and safe this summer. “

Read on for a curated list of products that are perfect for pets during the warmer months, courtesy of APPA members:

Dig the defense

Pet owners can keep pets safe in their yard, while avoiding annoying pests with Dig Defense’s patented ground fence panel. The Fence Panel extends the protection of any fence or enclosed area with 4 gauge steel rods. It is easy to install and is the perfect way to keep your pet safe while playing. outside.

Price: from $ 38.99 to $ 235.97 depending on size and model

K9 Lifeline Transition Leash

For anyone with a puppy, the K9 Lifeline Transition Leash is the perfect way to teach your pet to walk calmly and safely. The leash includes a halter and a sliding leash, preventing tugging and ensuring summer walks with your pet go seamless.

Price: $ 14.00 to $ 20.00

Metro balls

Playtime just got a lot more fun with Metro Balls. Metro balls are safer for pets than standard tennis balls, thanks to the absence of petrochemicals and materials such as thread and natural rubber. They are also available in five color options.

Price: $ 5.99 to $ 12.99

Oak and berry dog ​​supplies

Oak & Berry is the first distributor to supply dog ​​collars and leads made from Pinatex, a new sustainable and vegan material produced from recycled pineapple leaf fibers but with the exact look of leather. Collars and leashes are comfortable and soft on dogs, putting no strain on pets’ necks. In addition, they are customizable!

Price: $ 29.99 / collar, $ 49.99 / leash

The Original Poop Bag Peanuts Collection

The Original Poop bags put a fun touch to clean up after your pet with new peanut-themed garbage bags. The bags feature Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown and the whole gang. They are also durable and are the first USDA certified pet waste bags.

Price: $ 9.99 to $ 54.99 depending on size and quantity

Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar

The Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar will let your pet enjoy the summer sun while staying safe, and it takes the stress out of pet owners trying to find lost pets. The collar uses LTE data to provide real-time information and updates to make sure you know your pet’s location at all times. The collar is also rechargeable.

Price: $ 249.99

EQyss grooming products

EQyss Flea Bite Shampoo and Spray takes the hassle out of fleas and ticks by providing long-lasting protection against parasites. Made from cedar, peppermint, rosemary and lemongrass oil, EQyss’s soothing formula is pH balanced to prevent damage to skin and coat.

Price: $ 10.99

Vetericyn Foamcare Pet Shampoo

Make sure your pet is clean, happy and healthy all summer long with Vetericyn Foamcare Pet Shampoo. Instant Foaming Shampoo is pH balanced and specially formulated for the density of pets’ coat, leaving their skin healthy, conditioned and nourished so they can look and feel their best.

Price: $ 14.99

American Houndations Snack Bites

Dogs will go crazy for American Houndations Bite-Sized Treats from Loving Pets. The Treats are all-natural chewy treats designed for small dogs and puppies, and made entirely in the USA. These “on the go” snacks are grain, wheat, gluten, soy and corn free, and available in five different varieties (beef, chicken, duck, lamb and salmon). Treat your dog to a Houndation treat today!

Price: $ 4.49

Bella Roma Travel Double Dinner

If you are planning to travel with your pet this summer, the Bella Roma Travel Double Diner by Loving Pets offers you easy-to-use travel bowls for your pet. The design includes a built-in lockable lid for storing dry foods and it is collapsible for easy storage. The Double Diner is the perfect way to make sure your pet is prepared when you’re on the go.

Price: $ 11.99 to $ 13.49

Pet House Mojito Watermelon Candle

The Watermelon Mojito Candle from Pet House Candles is sure to refresh your home with its sweet summer scent. Pet House Candles are specially formulated to refresh pet loving homes and are tested and proven to remove 99% of pet odors. The Watermelon Mojito scent is a refreshing blend of watermelon, fresh lime and crushed mint with a hint of sweet agave nectar and light rum.

Price: $ 21.99

Pawz dog boots

Walking in hot weather in the summer can be hard on your dog’s paws. Pawz Dog Boots offers you rubber boots for your pet that protect their paws from the elements. Available in seven sizes, the boots provide year-round protection and prevent bacteria and dirt buildup in your pet’s paws.

Price: $ 14.00 to $ 20.00 depending on the size

Doggijuana Toys with Dognip

The Get Outside collection by Doggijuana is the perfect gift for pets this summer. The toys come in fun outdoor styles, and dog weed has a calming effect on dogs that will immediately relax them. Rechargeable toys will curb natural play instincts, giving your dog peace of mind.

Price: $ 10.99

Tether dog toy

Playing tug of war with your puppy this summer has never been so fun! Tether Tug Dog Toys lets you play without straining your arms or shoulders. The Easy Flex technology incorporated into the tether stretches as your dog pulls, allowing him to play hard with minimal upper body effort.

Price: $ 74.95

Hotspot and Wound Care with Silver Honey

Silver Honey Hot Spot and Wound Care cares for bacteria but is gentle on your pet’s skin. The formula is proven to stop 99.9% of bacteria immediately, speeding up the healing process. The product hydrates the treatment area while protecting the skin, ensuring that your pet is happy and healthy.

Price: $ 24.99

Ware Pet Products Cat Patio

The Ware Pet Products Cat Patio is a great way to entertain and activate your cat. With a sturdy steel frame, UV-proof visor roof cover, predator-resistant mesh and large zippered doors, it will keep your cat safe and happy. The patio also features multi-level climbing structures that allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment this summer.

Price: $ 499.99

SHERPA Airline Approved Travel Backpack

The SHERPA Airline Approved Travel Backpack will let you travel in style and comfort by plane or car all summer long. The patented spring-loaded wire frame allows the rear end of the carrier to be lowered several inches, making the backpack easy to carry and store. The baby carrier also includes mesh windows for ventilation and top and side entry with a lockable zipper for guaranteed safety.

Price: $ 69.99

ZippyPaws Adventure Life Jacket

Looking to have fun in the sun with your pet on the water this summer? The ZippyPaws Adventure life jacket will ensure that your dog is completely safe in or around the water. The jacket features dense foam panels that help dogs stay afloat, as well as reflective stripes that ensure your pet is visible when in the water. The jacket also has padded handles to make it easy for you to help your dog in and out of the water.

Price: $ 15.99 to $ 39.99

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