12 Pet Products I’ve Tried That I Highly Recommend To Anyone Who Has Just Had a Dog

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I only recently adopted my dog ​​Mango, but I’m already completely in love with her. I mean, how could I not be?

I adore this little creature so much, I find it almost impossible not to spoil it rotten. That being said, it’s been a bit of a journey to find pet products that work for us because she’s a bit picky when it comes to toys and treats and I’m a little anal reluctant when it comes to. is to clean.

If you’re a new dog parent or just looking to switch up your current pet products, here are 12 items I’ve tested that I absolutely don’t swear by.

15ft Recall Dog Training Leash

Barber Brittany | Narcity

Price: $ 14.98

Details: One of my main goals with Mango is to get his recall match on point. We ordered this 15ft leash from Amazon and it helped a lot in training. I also love that it gives her the freedom to walk around and do her thing, without having to worry about her taking off. It is also available in seven colors and in longer lengths.

$ 14.98 on AMAZON CANADA

MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Amazon Canada

Price: $ 17.99

Details: Since I welcomed Mango to my home, I have learned to better manage the damage. But sometimes wiping your paws with a towel after a muddy walk is not enough. This dog paw cleaner comes in a bunch of different sizes and colors. This is perfect for those days when your puppy is really dirty, but you don’t really have the time (or the will) to bathe him. Simply fill the mug with water, insert your dog’s paw, wiggle it a bit, and ta-da! Clean paws!

$ 17.99 at AMAZON CANADA

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Flying Disc Dog Toy

Barber Brittany | Narcity

Price: $ 15.95 ($ 16.95)

Details: Aside from his favorite treats, I don’t think my dog ​​likes anything more than this flying disc toy. I like that it’s super durable so I won’t have to buy a replacement anytime soon. It floats too, which is great as Mango enjoys swimming and playing fetch in the water.

$ 15.95 at CHEWY

Silicone suction dog feeder

Amazon Canada

Price: $ 16.99

Details: This dog feeder is exactly what I needed for Mango to relax during the baths. You just have to spread peanut butter on it and stick it on your tiles or on the side of your tub to keep your dog distracted long enough to give him a good scrub.

$ 16.99 at AMAZON CANADA

JobSite Multipurpose Starter Tray

Barber Brittany | Narcity

Price: $ 23.15

Details: Mango is an absolute slob when it comes to eating and drinking water. I first tried bowls with a silicone bottom to keep them from slipping, but she ended up knocking them over. This simple starter tray saved my kitchen from puddles and a tsunami of kibble, and for that I’m eternally grateful. You can also get it as a two-pack ($ 32.99), which can be useful if you have multiple dogs.

$ 23.15 on AMAZON CANADA

Nature’s Miracle Dog Stain Remover & Stain Remover

Barber Brittany | Narcity

Price: $ 11.69 ($ 13.51)

Details: Although his bathroom skills are quite good, Mango is still a puppy and has accidents from time to time. A friend of mine recommended Nature’s Miracle specifically because it is safe for pets and eliminates odors that might make your dog repeat an accident in the same spot. So far this product has worked wonders and permanently eliminates odors and stains.

$ 11.69 on AMAZON CANADA

Best Selling Flossy Chew Rope Toy

Barber Brittany | Narcity

Price: $ 8.49 ($ 9.99)

Details: If your dog enjoys tug of war I have been very lucky with this durable rope. She hasn’t ripped this one to shreds (unlike the last one we bought) and it has a slight scent that she seems to love. You can get this toy in a bunch of different sizes, from very small to very large.


Animal hair epilator roller

Amazon Canada

Price: $ 27.99

Details: The moulting season is upon us and I don’t know what I would do without this product. I actually have to invest in a suitable pet vacuum cleaner, but until I save enough money, this thing will keep my couch cool for now.

$ 27.99 at AMAZON CANADA

Extra long non-slip bath mat

Amazon Canada

Price: $ 20.99

Details: If your dog has a tendency to slip and slide every time you bathe him, this extra long non-slip bath mat will be a big help.

$ 20.99 at AMAZON CANADA

Silicone Tub Spout Protective Cover

Amazon Canada

Price: $ 15.56

Details: Mango can get a little wild in the tub, so we have this silicone cover to keep it from getting hurt on our spout. This article is actually for toddlers, but it’s also useful for pets!

$ 15.56 at AMAZON CANADA

Vibrant Life Rubber Treat Toy

Barber Brittany | Narcity

Price: $ 9.93

Details: I actually tried to find a KONG, but they were out of stock by the time I wanted to buy one. Instead, I found this very similar (and very affordable) product from a brand called Vibrant Life. My dog ​​goes completely there, even though we don’t fill the center with peanut butter. We have the size for dogs between 15 and 30 kg, but you can also get it for dogs over 30 kg and under 30 kg.

$ 9.93 on WALMART

Knick Knack Paddy Whack 4 in 1 Adjustable Leash

Barber Brittany | Narcity

Price: $ 45

Details: If you live in Toronto, you probably already know Knick Knack Paddy Whack. Otherwise this is a great Toronto based pet supply store that I love. This leash is super durable and really cute, plus it can be made into four different leashes and adjusted from four to seven feet. I have the navy and blue harness to match my bright blue leash.


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